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Was I supposed to read some instructions?

Left my iphone at home so needed a timer as I put my sodas in the freezer at work. Set it for 30 minutes, saw it counting down, when on with my business. FIVE HOURS LATER, it alerts that the time has run out. Should I have read some instructions somewhere? Now I have to clean out the work freezer. Not exactly the time BOOM I was looking for.

Missing basic features

Everytime you want to set a timer youi need to click on the arrows intead of allowing manual input (for 30 min, its 30 clicks!!!). And every time it goes to zero it doesnt remember the set period and you need to re-enter. My intention was to use for 30 minutes interval on my work acitivities, but it is impractical in current version (or too annoying). The other feature, would be the ability to reduce the size of the timer. Why did you make it so big?

Perfect simple countdown

Just a countdown - quick and easy to use and no unnecessary bells and whistles. I love it.

Great Timer

easy to use, love the clear settings and the Second Alert option makes me smile - in the middle of crashing deadlines


its okay, but still good enough that people showed by it.

Whimsical, simple, practical

I have been looking for a (free) simple timer for Mac for years and years. My workload is so immense and scattered, with so many clients, it is best approached in hour-long chunks. Many lackluster products have come and gone from my desktop. This ap's combination of fun graphics and the feature that allows various behaviors when the time is up--notably starting or stopping iTunes--has made it a surprise champion among the other underachieving products in my personal timer championship. If they were to improve it, I'd suggest making it possible to set a time (30 minutes) without clicking 30 times. That said, this product's minimal features are a bit of a virtue. I don't waste too much time trying to fine-tune the preferences, as it has only three. Thanks!


Just a perfect little timer app.

Works great

I'm not a fan of the whole "bomb person" thing, but the app works great and the "Alert 2" sound is a hoot. I also like that the alert can be set to play a song from iTunes when time runs out. Thanks for making it free!

Awesome app

The only thing keeping this app from getting a five star rating is the inability to click and hold to advance the time. A small issue, but is the only issue found. Keep up the good work.

just crashes

can't get it to work at all, it crashes everytime i try to open it.

Loved it

Very fun and very easy

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